Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 pro Leaks: came up with long lasting battery backup

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Pro leaks
Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Pro leaks

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 pro Leaks: One standout feature we yearn for in the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is its remarkable battery life, a rarity among Samsung’s smartwatch offerings since its foray into the market. Boasting the largest battery among Galaxy smartwatches and running on Wear OS, it harkened back to the days of reliable longevity once associated with Samsung’s Tizen OS.

This year, Samsung is set to revive that impressive battery performance with the Galaxy Watch 7 series. Notably, the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro is poised to inherit a battery capacity akin to its predecessor, as revealed by findings from GalaxyClub. While Samsung has yet to officially confirm the existence of a Pro model within the upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 lineup, insights gleaned from a South Korean certification authority suggest such a variant may indeed be in the works.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 pro Leaks

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Variants

So, a question raise in mind is that In how many variants samsung will have to launch Galaxy Watch 7?

Samsung is set to introduce three variants of the Galaxy Watch 7, one of which will be a premium offering. However, specific names for each variant have yet to be disclosed. Notably, Samsung is enhancing the storage capacity in its upcoming smartwatch, doubling it from 16GB in the Galaxy Watch 6 to 32GB in the Galaxy Watch 7. This expanded storage will provide ample room for offline music storage, particularly beneficial during outdoor workouts, even after installing apps and watch faces.

Furthermore, Samsung is revamping its model number scheme for the Galaxy Watch 7. The initial variant bears two model numbers: SM-L300 and SM-L305. The subsequent variant’s model numbers are SM-L310 and SM-L315, while the highest-tier variant of the Galaxy Watch 7 carries model numbers SM-L700 and SM-L705. Models ending with the number 5 are speculated to include cellular connectivity and eSIM functionality.

Earlier reports suggest that the Galaxy Watch 7 will debut as Samsung’s inaugural product featuring a 3nm chip, delivering a purported 50% increase in power efficiency compared to the Galaxy Watch 6. Additionally, it may run on an updated version of Wear OS and One UI Watch, offering enhanced functionalities and features.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Pro Design

The design landscape of the Samsung Galaxy Watch might undergo a significant shift in 2024, as recent reports suggest Samsung is exploring the possibility of adopting a square design. Internally, there seems to be enthusiasm surrounding this idea, signaling a potential departure from the traditional circular design seen in previous generations.

Samsung Galaxy Watch
Samsung Galaxy Watch

While it remains uncertain whether this square design would be implemented across all models or reserved for specific variants, leaks from @kro-roe suggest that three different types of Galaxy Watch 7 are anticipated this year. Alongside the Classic and Pro models, there’s speculation about a new addition, which could potentially be the rumored square model.

This potential shift in design evokes nostalgia for long-term Samsung wearable fans, as the company previously introduced square smartwatches such as the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Gear Live, and Gear S. These earlier models featured squared-off designs before Samsung transitioned to round faces with the Galaxy Gear S2.

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Galaxy Watch 7 Battery and Hardware

A significant rumor has surfaced suggesting that rather than the Galaxy S25, the Galaxy Watch 7 could be Samsung’s pioneer device to feature a 3nm chip. Presumably, this chip would be the Samsung Exynos W940, representing a natural progression from last year’s Exynos 930 chip, which utilized a 5nm manufacturing process.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7
Samsung Galaxy Watch 7

Why is this noteworthy? The transition to a smaller 3nm chip promises numerous advantages in terms of performance, efficiency, and a reduced chip footprint. Ideally, the adoption of the 3nm Exynos W940 chip could significantly enhance the battery life and overall efficiency of the Galaxy Watch 7 lineup, a pivotal aspect for smartwatches.

According to speculations, the 3nm W940 chip is anticipated to offer approximately 30% greater speed and 50% enhanced efficiency compared to its predecessor, the W930 chip, which is indeed impressive.

Regarding battery capacity, it remains uncertain if Samsung will manage to incorporate larger batteries into the Galaxy Watch 7 models. Any potential improvements in battery life may primarily stem from the utilization of the 3nm Exynos chip. It’s plausible that the Galaxy Watch 7 will retain similar battery capacities to its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 6 series, which includes 300/425mAh batteries for the 40/44mm Galaxy Watch 6 and 43/47mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic models, respectively.

Galaxy Watch 7 and 7 pro Price

We currently lack pricing information for the Galaxy Watch 7 series. However, we can make informed speculations based on the pricing structure of its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 6 series.

The Galaxy Watch 6 series commenced at $300 in the US for its entry-level variant, the 40mm Wi-Fi-only model (although it frequently receives discounts). It’s reasonable to assume that Samsung aims to maintain a similar price point for the base model of the Galaxy Watch 7 series. Opting for the 4G LTE eSIM version typically entails a $50 increase in price, a trend that is likely to persist with the Galaxy Watch 7 series.

Moving on to the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, it starts at $400 in the US for the 43mm Wi-Fi-only variant. It’s probable that one of the other two Galaxy Watch 7 variants will be positioned within this price range. The positioning of the third Galaxy Watch 7 variant remains uncertain, whether it will be priced above or below this range. If Samsung introduces significant improvements, it could justify a higher price point, possibly exceeding the $500 mark for the top-tier variant.

Galaxy Watch 7 and 7 pro Release Date

Samsung has maintained a consistent release schedule for its Galaxy Watch series, unveiling new iterations in August over the past few years:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 – August 2023
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic – August 2023
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 – August 2022
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro – August 2022
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – August 2021
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic – August 2021

Given this established pattern, it’s reasonable to anticipate the debut of the Galaxy Watch 7 and possibly the Galaxy Watch 7 Classic or Pro in August 2024.


Historically, the Samsung Galaxy Watch series has followed a pattern of incremental updates from one generation to the next, offering reliable but not particularly groundbreaking enhancements, often giving users little reason to upgrade annually.

In contrast, the rumors surrounding the Galaxy Watch 7 suggest a departure from this trend, hinting at significant improvements if they come to fruition.

Featuring a potentially revamped design, notably improved performance, and enhanced battery life, the Galaxy Watch 7 could represent a substantial leap forward. These advancements might be compelling enough to entice even the most steadfast users to consider an early upgrade.


  1. Elegant and modern design.
  2. Extensive health monitoring capabilities.
  3. Vibrant display ensures excellent visibility.
  4. Real-time call and message notifications.
  5. IP67 waterproof rating enhances durability.
  6. Impressive battery longevity.
  7. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


    1. Restricted integration with third-party apps.
    2. Limited options for customizing watch faces.
    3. Variability in the accuracy of certain health monitoring metrics.
    4. Susceptibility of the screen to smudging and fingerprints.
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